Our trenchless underground pipe installation or replacement process is clean, fast, and minimally invasive. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to install or replace pipes under existing landscapes and structures. This eliminates the need for disruption of your property, roads, trees, and landscaping. 

Want to learn about the benefits of Trenchless Line Replacement? Read our FAQs. 

Trenchless Line Replacement - Static & Lateral Pipe Bursting

Municipalities and underground contractors recognize pipe bursting as an effective and efficient method to replace failing, outdated or undersized sewer, water and gas lines. Pipe bursting involves breaking the existing pipe and expanding the broken shards into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe, usually polyethylene (HDPE). 

Only very small excavations are required, typically 30” x 30”. We are able to burst fracturable pipes from 2”-6” and around 22 degree and 45 degree bends. New pipes installed can be HDPE and PVC. Average service is replaced by a crew of two within 2 hours.  

Pipe Bursting Steps 

  1. Locate and dig pit(s)
  2. Gain access to lateral
  3. Fuse pipe and connect to bursting head
  4. String cable down existing line
  5. Connect cable to bursting head
  6. Lower pulling unit in pit and connect hydraulics
  7. Pull back cable and replace pipe

Upon completion, we will install cleanout if specified, connect each end to restore flow, backfill excavated installation pits, and restore pavement & landscaping as necessary. 

Trenchless Line Installation

Piercing tools are used for installing utilities under existing landscapes and/or structures. These pneumatic-powered tools create a compact hole that allows us to install lines with minimal disruption. We can install:

  • Water services
  • Gas lines
  • Cable TV
  • Irrigation
  • Fiber optic lines
  • Electrical lines
  • New sewer lateral